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{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 05/21/2018 }

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Good morning everyone, come on in,  I have fresh coffee AND donuts!!!

Happy Monday friends.  We are officially on summer break, and I can't honestly believe that my little Nicholas is done with 9th grade and on to 10th in August.  It's completely insane.

Right, let's get on with our Happy Homemaker Monday.  Also, I'm really hoping to get in daily blogs again, starting today.  Now that school is done I have a lot more time to concentrate on the blog :)

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather.....We've had not only hot and gorgeous weather, but also some insane storms.  Saturday night around 10pm, the rain started coming down and consistently pounded with a huge lightning storm thrown in the mix.  By 3AM our power was knocked out.  The power company was able to come out and get it back up and running around 10AM.  7 hours with no power, just crazy.  Doesn't look like we'll be having any more rain this week, but as always with Texas weather,  we will see.   

Right now I am....Sitting on the couch, typing up this post and watching some youtube vlogs on the TV.  I've already put out all my plants and watered them.  They are doing AMAZING, I'm so excited guys. 

Thinking....That I need to sit down and work on a list of some blog posts I would like to put up.  I find that it's easier if I have a schedule to stick to, even if I don't have a specific post in mind, because as you know, most of my posts are just my daily life.       

On my reading pile....The review for Becoming the Talbot Sisters by Rachel Linden, is going up this morning, and I'm just starting The Weaver's Daughter which is coming up next week for review.     

On my TV.....I honestly have just been watching vlogs on Youtube, because I find that it's easier to pop one in and not have to really pay too much attention as I go about my day.  I have so many shows I would love to catch up on and again, with school now done, I have a lot more time to possibly do that. 
By the way, if you look over to my right sidebar, you will see a list of shows I updated and added on to my period Drama Series and Movies lists.  Go check those out, and also, if you ever know of a good one to add to the lists, that you don't see already on there, please do let me know? 

Something Interesting I watched.....I wouldn't call it interesting, but just something that has been on my mind and bothering me.  I love watching youtube videos, but what has really started irritating me, is the lengths that some people will go to for views.  There IS such a thing as going too far, especially when it comes to pranks and jokes, and things you will film and post just for the shock factor.  I find it quite disturbing, but I guess I'm in the minority because I'm clearly old fashioned or not cool, like some will refer to.    

On the menu for this week....
Monday - Cheesy sausage and potatoes, salad
Tuesday - Curt's Birthday - We are picking up pizza from his favorite Italian place and I'm making him a lemon cake (his favorite)
Wednesday - Party Pasta Bowl
Thursday - Chicken Chimies (again, they were a hit last time), Spanish Rice
Friday - Family Style Calzone
Saturday - Pot Roast, Roast potatoes and Carrots
Sunday - Leftovers

On my to do list....
Usual kitchen clean up, dishwasher, floors, counters etc.  Take out meat for dinner.
Dust, Vacuum and carpet clean
Take photos of book and post book review

In the craft basket....Nothing at the moment, I just haven't had time so we will see if I can get on with it now that we're on summer break.  

Looking forward to this week....Just taking it slow, concentrating on my house and homemaking in general. 

Looking around the house....The carpets need some cleaning (when don't they right?).  Because of all the rain and the dog going in and out to potty, there's muddy paw prints all over.  

From the camera....
I just adore old books and I love seeing them on the shelves.   

Inspirational quotes, Bible verse, Devotional....

{ Becoming the Talbot Sisters by Rachel Linden - TLC Book Tour }

Monday, May 21, 2018 1 Comments

Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (May 1, 2018)

Twin sisters Waverly and Charlie Talbot have drifted far apart as they pursue opposite dreams of stardom and service to the poor. On an astonishing journey across Central Europe, they must come together to face their fears, find their courage and fight for what they love.

Celebrity chef Waverly Ross has built a successful career with her home-entertaining show Simply Perfect. Yet she and her husband, Andrew, have never been able to realize the true desire of Waverly’s heart: to become a mother. Meanwhile Waverly’s twin sister, Charlie Talbot, buries her bitter disappointment and shattered idealism beneath a life spent serving others as an international aid worked in Budapest, Hungary.

When the beloved aunt who raised them passes away, Waverly and Charlie come together in their grief after living years on separate continents. Struck by a fierce desire to bridge the distance between them, Charlie offers Waverly and her husband the selfless gift of surrogacy.

But soon the sisters find they are each in danger of losing their jobs, seemingly putting their dreams on hold once again. When Waverly shows up unannounced in Budapest with a plan to rescue Simply Perfect, the sisters embark on an adventure across Central Europe that could save them both from occupational hazards. Though the twins haven’t had to rely on each other since childhood, an unforeseen dangerous turn in their journey across Europe forces them to stand together to save their careers, the baby, and each other.

Purchase Links

Amazon | Books-A-Million | Barnes & Noble


About Rachel Linden

Rachel Linden is a novelist and international aid worker whose adventures living and traveling in fifty countries around the world provide excellent grist for her stories. She holds an MA in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College, a BA in Literature from Huntington University, and studied creative writing at Oxford University during college. Currently, Rachel splits her time between Seattle, Washington and Budapest, Hungary where she lives with her husband and two children. Rachel enjoys creating stories about hope and courage with a hint of romance and a touch of whimsy.

Connect with Rachel

Website | Facebook

My Thoughts:

This was a very sweet story of two sisters who have not been in contact for many years, and now being forced to come together due to their aunt's passing.

The sisters have been disconnected for many years, but they want to reconnect and bridge the gap that was created due to their different lifestyles, and even living continents apart.

Waverly is a successful business woman with seemingly everything she wants and needs in life, except the one thing she truly desires, which is to be a mother. 

Charlie on the other hand is a world traveler, currently working as an international aid worker overseas and not all thinking about settling or being a mother.

When life throws them together, Charlie decides to do one of the biggest unselfish acts ever, and become a surrogate for her sister and brother in law.  What ensues is a beautiful story of love, family, grief, and relationships that will leave you wanting more.

Really enjoyed how Rachel Linden told not only the story, but developed the characters, provide us with beautiful settings and descriptions, and really gives you a superb novel.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

{ What you put in, is what you get out }

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 3 Comments

I've always heard this quoted, by different people, at different stages of my life, but I've never given it much thought.  We hear so many different things throughout the years, and some will sink deep into the recesses of our hearts, while others will zip in and out like a butterfly just fluttering on by.

Only recently, have I really started thinking about these simple words and their importance.


Because I've started seeing the truth of these actions, in everything I do.

What actually made me stop and realize the magnitude of that expression, was nothing more than my gardening success over the past few weeks.



For years I've been on about not being able to grow anything, and save for some successes here and there (mainly when living in Arizona, go figure), I still couldn't understand why I seemed to do so well in the first two weeks and then quickly go downhill after.


As I was looking through my current successful planting the past few weeks, I realized that it was related to the amount of effort I have been putting in.


Usually, I get all into the planting and give it my full attention, until the shoots start coming up and then I cut back and next thing I know, it's all dead.

It got me thinking about the quote and wondering what I was doing differently this time......and you know what?  I've been giving it my all, putting in a ton of effort and almost babying these plants.


Every morning, I take each pot, one by one, and place them out on my back patio, water them all, and make sure they're getting plenty of sun and leave them for a couple of hours.

Every afternoon, I check on them, by this time they're usually extremely dry, so I give them a little bit more water, let them enjoy the sun for another hour or two, and then lovingly bring them inside.!!!!

My kids actually asked me if I do this every day and if I don't get tired of it.  Normally I wouldn't put in all this effort, but the truth is that what I'm putting in, I'm getting out.

It's quite a simple concept isn't it?

So I'm going to keep putting in the effort, trying my best, carrying pots back and forth and hopefully, just hopefully, this year will be the first of many growing fruits, veggies and herbs.


I haven't been sleeping well, seems my insomnia has reared it's ugly head.  It's nowhere near as bad as it used to be a year ago, but once in a while, it comes up, taunting me, reminding me that it's in control of how much rest I am allowed.  Frustrating!!!

But on days like those, I turn to coffee and prayer.


I was told a while back, and I'm pretty certain it was meant as some sort of insult, that I'm old fashioned. 

What this person failed to see, is that I'm quite ok with that, actually, I'm more than ok, I'm thrilled to be called old fashioned. 

Old fashioned homemaker!!!

Where is the bad part in any of that title? 


While cleaning out my shelf the other day, I came across my crochet bag.  This was one of the first projects I ever attempted.  I had forgotten just how much I love it and how pretty it is, so I pulled it out, washed it and plan on using it as much as possible this summer.

It's also made me want to make another one, which I think I might just do.  By the way, this is Lucy's Crochet Bag.  She does have another one called the Jolly Chunky Bag, which is a pattern she released after the first one.  She says it's a neater version, so I may give that one a try first. 


My slow cooker is going with tonight's dinner.  Hearty Beans and Rice.  Smells amazing!!!


This little man is growing leaps and bounds.  He is just a little over a year old and continues to be the biggest baby ever.  I adore his little face....well, BIG face :)



We are finishing up the school year, Thursday is the last day and Nick and I are scrambling to get it done as soon as possible.

I think it's safe to say we're both ready to end school and take a much needed and wanted summer break.  It's strange to think that he is about to finish 9th grade and starting 10th next year.  Wow!!!

Anyway, I need to go and get the plants back inside as we're expecting some pretty severe weather this afternoon

Just remember what I said above, whatever you put in, is what you'll get out, and that goes for everything you do in life, so think wisely and really take your effort into account, you'll be amazed to realize what you've been missing out on because of how you've chosen to tackle what is before you :)

Have a blessed day!!!

Monday, May 14, 2018

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 05/14/2018 }

Monday, May 14, 2018 15 Comments
Good morning everyone :)

Hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day.  I had a good one with my husband and kids, lots of laughs and wonderful time spent together.

I'm moving a bit slow this morning though, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, I kept waking up and tossing and turning.  I felt hot, then I was cold, then hot and then cold again...good grief.

Anyway, that alarm went off at 6am and I was not ready for that to happen, Curt and I both laid there in bed moaning about having to get up and how we wish it was still the weekend hahah

Well it's Monday and time to get going with our day, so let's start with our Happy Homemaker Monday, shall we?  

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather.....It has been amazing the past week, I think we can say we are finally over the cold weather.  86 degrees at the moment and it's only 8AM.  Looks like the rest of the week is again sunny and upper 90s.     

Right now I am....On the couch typing up this post, still in my pajamas and finishing off my second cup of coffee.  It's one of those days.    

Thinking....About this week and finishing off our school year.  I can NOT believe that my little boy is about to end 9th grade and moving onto 10th next year.  What on earth?     

On my reading pile....I am currently reading Becoming the Talbot Sisters by Rachel Linden, but if you want to see what else is on the reading list, check out my post Summer Reading List 2018.    

On my TV.....I have a couple new period dramas I am hoping to catch up on and then share with you all.  I feel like it's been a while since I've done a proper Period Drama catch up post and I don't know about you guys, but I love reading posts on new shows that I can watch.

Something Interesting I watched.....Really didn't watch anything this weekend, we were out with the family for a picnic and little trail walk and then yesterday we just hung out at home.  

On the menu for this week....
Monday - Chicken Chimmies with Spanish Rice
Tuesday - Bacon Fettucine Alfredo, One Hour Skillet Foccacia
Wednesday - Hearty Red Beans and Rice
Thursday - Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Mashed Potatoes
Friday - *grocery shopping*
Sunday -

On my to do list....Clean kitchen, empty dishwasher and refill
Change bed linens out
Clean bathrooms

In the craft basket....Still haven't picked up the crochet blanket.  I really need to get cracking on that because I want it finished when I go see my niece.  

Looking forward to this week....Finishing off the school year and not having to worry about anything for 3 months.  It gets to this time of the year and I think both kids and teachers/parents, are ready for this break.

Looking around the house....It's not too bad, but I want to give it a good cleaning and tidying today.

From the camera....
Woke up the other morning, to a random cow in the field.  She's tagged so obviously belongs to someone, but I have no clue where she came from or how she even ended up here.  She is SO pretty though, made me want a cow even more :) 

Bible verse, Devotional....

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

{ Summer Reading List 2018 }

Wednesday, May 09, 2018 4 Comments

My summer reading list is pretty much full, and there's some very good selections on there, that I thought I would share with you all.

I love reading other blogger's lists because oftentimes, I get some really good ideas or even end up finding some new favorites.

Most of these are for upcoming book reviews, but there will be a few thrown in that are from my own personal bookshelf and I hope to get time to read between all these amazing selections.

Where Hope Begins by Catherine West
Becoming the Talbot Sisters by Rachel Linden
The Weaver's Daughter by Sarah E. Ladd
Matchmaking for Beginners by Maddie Dawson
Herons Landing by JoAnn Ross
The Garden of Blue Roses by Michael Barsa
The Summer List by Amy Mason Doan
The Last Rodeo by Dolores Fossen
What Blooms from Dust by James Markert
The Orphan's Wish by Melanie Dikerson
Shattered Silence by Marta Perry
The Art of Inheriting Secrets by Barbara O'Neal
The Love Letter by Rachel Hauk
The House at Saltwater Point by Colleen Coble

All of the books above are for upcoming book reviews, all the way through the end of August.  There are some AMAZING ones on the list and I'm super excited to get through them all :)

May 9, 2018

From my own bookshelf, I have just a few that I would like to read this summer, but I'm not putting that pressure on me because the other list is quite long and takes priority.

I've had this one for a while and I would like to get the whole set, I believe there's 26 in the Old West Time-Life Series.

May 9, 2018

Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott - I found this one in a thrift store and couldn't believe how lucky I was, not only because I collect old books but because I'm a huge fan of Louisa May Alcott and the Little Women series.

May 9, 2018

And finally, these two below.  I really wish I had time to read all the books in the world, really, I would be one happy woman.

Jennifer Chiaverini's Mrs Grant and Madame
Philippa Gregory's The Last Tudor

May 9, 2018

That may seem like a lot of books and you're probably wondering if I'm able to get through them all, but I'm a fast reader and if I'm enjoying a book, it's quite easy to get through one in a day or two.

I will be doing another post either this week or next, about my Summer Watch List as well, I have quite a few movies and series I want to try and get through, and a few that I would like to watch again.

Also, I'll be updating the Period Drama posts with new shows, but I'll let you know when I do so that you can take a look.

Do you have a summer reading list as well?  If you do, what are some of the books on your list?

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{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 05/07/2018 }

Monday, May 07, 2018 9 Comments
Good morning from beautiful, warm Texas.

Come on in and sit with me a little, let's get our Happy Homemaker Monday post going shall we?

I apologize for the confusion with last week's Link up.  I could not get the usual link list to load for me and had to use another, which ended up just being confusing.  I don't like that it doesn't show the links or who has already linked up etc., so apologies for that, but today we are back to our normal list and you shouldn't have any issues linking up :)

Right, enough babbling, let's get this going.

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather.....It is gorgeous around here.  We had quite a bit of rain last week and even some scary storms and tornado watches, but the temps have been wonderful.  This whole week we'll be in the upper 90's.  Can't wait :)   

Right now I am....Enjoying my second cup of coffee, and I just shared a bagel with Marley.  

Thinking....About what I need to do today and this coming week, also trying to figure out what posts I'll be making on the blog.   

On my reading pile....I haven't forgotten about sharing the upcoming books with you in my Summer Reading List, that is probably going up later today or tomorrow morning.  I'm currently reading  Where Hope Begins by Catherine West. 

On my TV.....As usual, my Portuguese soaps.  Also Call the Midwife, When Calls the Heart, Murder Calls, and I've been wanting to rewatch old favorites like Road to Avonlea, Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie.

Something Interesting I watched.....This past weekend Curt and I watched the new Jumanji, and I LOVED it, it was so funny.  I also watched Last Week with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock and that was pretty funny too. 

What I found while surfing the net....MI love watching vlogs on Youtube and have been pretty lucky to find some very interesting ones.  If you're wondering what type of vlogs I enjoy, mainly daily vlogs from the UK, but also Homesteading, Farm, Mennonite and I recently found a really sweet Christian couple that I am just loving watching.  Their Christian channel is called Philia Ministries.  Just been very blessed with the messages they put out.  

On the menu for this week....
Monday - Smothered Swiss Steak and Garlic Lemon Spaghetti
Tuesday - Chicken and Dumplings
Wednesday - Italian 3 Cheese Stuffed Shells, Garlic Bread
Thursday - Teriyaki Steak, Rice
Friday - Homemade Cheesy Garlic Pizza
Saturday -  Chicken Chimmies with Spanish Rice
Sunday - Leftovers

On my to do list....Clean kitchen, empty dishwasher and refill
Finish painting bookshelf
Vacuum and carpet clean living room
Change out bed linens
Clean out back patio and set out table and chairs

In the craft basket....Still finishing up Part 2 of the Cosmic CAL.  I haven't crocheted at all since Friday, so hoping to do that sometime today or this week.
Still have my sewing machine out and waiting for me to do the placemats.  

Looking forward to this week....Getting a lot of projects completed around here.  I love this time of year because I always get a burst of energy to clean and redo things and organize etc.  

Looking around the house....It needs some TLC after this weekend.  It's not dirty or trashed like it used to be when the kids were little, but it definitely needs some picking up and tidying.   

From the camera....
One thing my family and I love doing, is going out for a drive around our area and discovering new fun things to do.  Yesterday, hubby, myself and Jasmine went for a drive.  We stopped over at hole in the wall Mexican place for lunch and had these HUGE amazing burritos for only $6.  I actually tried a Nopales (cactus) burrito and really enjoyed it.  We then came across a walking trail with a river and a couple of bridges.  We walked for close to an hour, enjoyed nature and the quietness, the sound of the water wooshing by and just talking.  It was amazing and we are planning on going back soon. 

Bible verse, Devotional....For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

Friday, May 4, 2018

{ The Moment Before by Jason Makansi - TLC Book Tour }

Friday, May 04, 2018 1 Comments
  • Paperback: 350 pages
  • Publisher: Blank Slate Press (March 6, 2018)
  • Language: English
A woman and her beloved Syrian father, separated forty years earlier when he is swept up in a geopolitical odyssey from hell, are almost reunited by a lawyer struggling to save his Illinois hometown from financial ruin.

The unflinching story of an American-Arab’s life in limbo.

Tricked by the two people closest to him, Elias Haddad leaves his beloved daughter Cheryl Halia for what he believes is a short trip home to Syria to visit his dying father. Largely ignorant of Middle East politics, Elias is detained upon arrival in Damascus and conscripted into Assad’s army, beginning a forty-year geopolitical odyssey from hell which culminates in his captivity in Guantanamo during America’s post-9/11 War on Terror.

In her search for her father, Cheryl meets John Veranda, an idealistic lawyer who risks his family’s land, his marriage, and his aspirations for his hometown’s future for a relationship with Cheryl neither are prepared for.

Stuart Eisenstat, a dedicated federal bureaucrat, thinks he’s doing an old friend a favor when he picks John’s hometown as the perfect site for relocating Guantanamo detainees only to come face to face with the personal cost of America’s global ambitions.

As the author of both fiction and non-fiction, and the winner of 2017 Independent Publishers IPPY GOLD and 2016 Foreword Reviews INDIE SILVER, Jason Makansi’s writing has been praised as “immensely readable,” “entertaining, enlightening, and essential,” and “relevant to today’s political and cultural environment.”

“Jason Makansi’s “The Moment Before” has it all — family secrets, international intrigue, friendship and betrayal, love and lust. External circumstances, government policy, and personal choices place a father and daughter at a crossroads, and you won’t be able to put this epic tale down until you discover how they maneuver to alter their course. Gripping from the first page until the last.–Gianna Jacobson, Editor/Publisher, December magazine
The Moment Before is a sharp work of literary alchemy, transforming decades worth of cold headlines into generations of genuine, raw, emotional struggle. Makansi weaves his political and global savvy together with an empathetic understanding of love and longing. This is an eye-opening American portrait that pits small-town government against Federal authority, discrimination against our conscience, and family members against themselves.”–Lee Kreklow, author of The Expanse Between
“Religious texts aver that to save one life is akin to saving the entire world. The beauty of Jason Makansi’s novel is in its intricate depiction of the coming together of three people to save a fourth. Taking the reader from Syria to Guantanamo to the American Midwest, The Moment Before is an extended meditation on friendship and fidelity amid the United States government’s ongoing war on terrorism.”–Mark Chmiel, author of Dear Layla, Welcome to Palestine 
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Purchase Links

Amazon | Books-A-Million | Barnes & Noble


About Jason Makansi

Jason Makansi, author of four non-fiction books relating to business, energy/environmental issues, and mathematical modeling, has published short stories in a variety of literary journals and collections. He is a 2009 alumnus of the Sewanee Writers Conference, has reviewed short story collections for The Short Review, and is currently a contributing editor for River Styx literary journal and Associate Editor for December literary magazine. In his spare time, he plays the viola in community orchestras, plays piano for fun, and rides his bike as often as he can. The Moment Before is his first novel.

My Thoughts:

I will have to be completely honest and say that I didn't enjoy this book, it certainly was not for me or my liking.

I tried to stick with it because I believe that every book deserves a chance, and sometimes it's easy to stop reading right away, but often times, when you read it through to the end, you end up enjoying the story or getting a lot out of it.

That unfortunately didn't happen for me, and I wish it had, but I have to be truthful and I try very hard to be completely up front and honest in my reviews.

Not to say that the story wouldn't appeal to others, because I'm sure it will, but it just wasn't for me.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

{ Bible Journaling - Time to get real }

Thursday, May 03, 2018 3 Comments

We are all CREATIVE because we were CREATED in the image of the CREATOR!

WOW!!!  Talk about a thought provoking and humbling quote.

I heard this quote this morning, while listening to one of the videos in my latest adventure.  I say adventure because it truly is an exciting thing for me.

The past few weeks, I have talked about the spiritual journey I'm on, how hard it's been and how I'm making changes in my life.  One of those changes is all about reading the Bible more and being consistent with it.

But there's a slight problem, and this is where I am going to get brutally honest and real with you all.

I struggle to read the Bible!!!

There, I said it.

I've read pieces here and there over the years, but I'm not a daily reader, I haven't yet read the whole Bible, and mostly because I just don't know how to read it, where to start, how to stick with it and not get bored.

As a Christian, the thought of even admitting out loud that I find some of the books in the Bible, boring, is something that makes me cringe.  I shouldn't be saying that, that goes against everything in me, but I'm also honest and open and I can't lie about it or pretend that I'm one of those wonderful women who can quote scripture easily, reads the good book every day, has read it all from cover to cover and so on.

I would love to be able to say that I am just like that, and who knows, maybe one day I will be at that point, but right now, in the present, and in the past?  Yeah, it's not like that at all.

The part where I've struggled the most, is thinking that I need to be reading from the very beginning in Genesis, and just going along like a story.  I've tried, trust me, and I fail every.single.time.

Why?  Well because I approach it all wrong.

Recently, I sat at my dining table with my mother and father in law, two amazing faithful God loving Christians who both know the Bible intimately.  I asked them for help, for suggestions on how to read it, how to start reading it and how to get past the dry parts of the Bible, which for me are the very beginning books containing the families, and all the names and so forth.

After speaking to them and getting great advice, I also turned to the internet and researched dozens of websites, trying to find what spoke to me or helped me get past this obstacle.

Here's what I've learned:

  • You don't HAVE to start in Genesis, matter of fact, most people suggest starting in John or Romans, or Proverbs.
  • Stop thinking of the Bible as intimidating.
  • Pray to the Lord for understanding, for Him to show you what you need to take from that scripture.
  • Take it slow, start with a few minutes a day and then increase
  • I love History and so I've decided that I need to approach the Bible in that sense, for me reading it as a beautiful History account, is what I think will help me stay on track.
I believe that the Lord guides us to certain websites or people, when we need it the most, and that is exactly what happened yesterday.

Bible Journaling

While researching Bible reading, I happened upon a Bible Journaling Group and Convention, and I knew immediately that is exactly what I needed to help me along.

I signed up for the Convention, which by the way, is free, and I took the plunge.  I'm a very creative person, always have been and I had never thought to join the two things.....Creativeness and Bible Reading.

I only wish I had come across it before and started sooner, but never mind that.  I got my Study Bible which as empty blank borders on the side for notes or whatever else you wish, and this morning, after sitting down to watch Day One's Interviews and Tutorials, I started my journaling.

Bible Journaling

I've had this Bible for years, probably close to 10 at least.  It's just been sitting there, waiting for me to start reading, to pick it up and love it and give it the attention it rightfully deserves.  And I didn't.....until today.

Bible Journaling

I've scribbled on some of the borders, just a verse that stuck with me while looking through.  Some people draw and color and paint right on their main Bible, but I just can't bring myself to do that, so I'll stick with the border until I can buy myself a proper Journaling Bible, which I am hoping to do maybe this weekend. 

Bible Journaling

In the meantime, I have some pretty scripture print outs that I'm going to be coloring in and then just adding to the books of the Bible where they belong.  Like the one above, and the one below.

Bible Journaling

Sitting at the dining table this morning with my colored pencils and Bible, just coloring, reading and starting this project, was one of the best mornings I've had in a very long time.

I am so excited to read now, and I can't wait for tomorrow's convention videos to be emailed to me.

In the meantime, I have made the decision to start reading John and then go from there, actually my reading plan is as follows:


I'll be sure to share as I go along, and if I get a journaling Bible this weekend, I'll most definitely show you all.  I'll also let you know how this is going for me and maybe show some of my journaling pages as I move through the Bible.

I'm ever so thankful to the Lord for guiding me through this process, I really could not do it on my own. :)
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